Hello lovelies, 

It's all gone a bit dark hasn't it?... I don't mind a bit of dark and moody now and then as I'm a big fan of contrast and like a few dramatic shots. However... There was good clean light this morning, and I had a spare ten minutes so I thought I'd make the most of it. 

                                                  Hope you all have a good week.

                                                                    Emma x





Hello lovelies, its been such fun doing this little post on 'styling the seasons' for the lovely Charlotte of Lotts and lots and Katy of Apartment apothecary 
So i've started in the month of November, and this has tied in quite nicely with my renovations of the fireplace at the far end of the living room....

From top left- Styling props. Removing the stove. Back to the bones.

      The Haven was a well loved wreck when we got the keys. Built in 1894 it had only two owners prior to us, and had been a home full of family life. It's odd, but as soon as we walked in I felt it give us a big hug, it chose us as its new owners, not the other way around. I had such a strong feeling that this is our house, it's meant for us! That my hubby got a bit worried, he prepared himself for it to fall through, and begged me not to get my hopes up. But I just knew! 'It's ok' I said, 'it's picked us, it will be fine'. Lol well I think he thought I'd gone quite mad, but here we are three years on, and just about to a level of styling it for the seasons. I studied interior design at the national design academy in order to help me understand my home better. I paint a lot! So thought nothing of starting this season with a re-paint of the fire places in downpipe by Farrow and ball to give some depth to my scheme. It is the fireplace at the end of the living room I have chosen for 'styling the seasons' as we walk past it everyday, I thought it would be a nice area to get to work on.

Adding objects to give depth, reflect light and add warmth

November to me means darkness and warmth. The nights draw in, the fires get lit and there is a warm glow. It's about textures, layering up and getting in the mood for Christmas. As its dark I like to add glitz and sparkle to the home. 
I took inspiration from an antique mirror as I just adore the gold rim on it! It's quite an opulent piece. When designing a room it works well to pick one thing you love and work things into the scheme. I painted the rim of the mirror in matching downpipe so that it sits nicely on the mantle. I wanted to add more warmth  and glitz so I picked out the contrasting gold to work with, by adding this glamorous little Aynsley coffee cup, and just placing this crackle glazed tile by Welbeck onto the mantle it really sets a striking scene.
Next thing to add.... texture. This came in the form of dried roses and hydrangeas as these are my favourite blooms.

Adding hydrangeas and petals for texture.

The dusky mauve of the hydrangeas and pink of the roses not only adds texture but softens the effect, and there is a lightness to balance the bold contrast of the gold and dark charcoal paint.
I love that this is all reflected by the large mirror. I've actually started to get really inspired for Christmas too lol.

Metal and crystal add drama and glamour.

Getting a perfect look is all to do with layering! Bringing in different tones and textures. Adding pieces in and taking away till it's just right. 

This has been such fun! There are just seven objects to my finished look (although I am forever fiddling). This to me is November. Dried flowers, dark nights and warmth.

Hope you enjoyed my #stylingtheseasons post.

Emma x




Just a simple little post today.
Just these contrasting beautiful blooms.

Emma x


#shelfiesundaycomp winner

Hello lovelies.

I love all of the pretty shelfies entered every Sunday, and it is so hard to choose.
This week, this shelfie really stood out.

And I'm pleased to announce this weeks winner...

I love how interesting this shelfie looks.

If you would like to send your address to emmaconnolly78@icloud
I will pop a little prize out to you.

Thank you everyone that entered your lovely pics,
and good luck next Sunday!

Emma x




 Hello lovelies, I wanted to do a little post dedicated to what I think is one of the most beautiful, and versatile blooms- The Hydrangea. Once considered old fashioned, this big bloom has made a big come back.



I just adore the ever changing colours and the delicate petals, great pompom heads held up with super strong stems. Happily blooming all the way into November. 


Sometime in September, the children and I pick petals for pressing, these are later used in our Christmas crafts.


I bought these big blooms for drying as the stems were long and the flowers in really good shape. 
At £3.50 ea it worked out cheaper than buying fake! I got these blooms at the beginning of September and they are nearly dry. Usually I just let the water evaporate, but this time I've done it differently and it's given me fuller blooms that are dry but still look alive. Want to know how?.... 

I kept topping up the water! The stem will start to seal over very slowly (it will go black at the bottom). But not starving completely means it very slowly takes what it needs till it has naturally decided enough is enough an it's time I died back. A bit like when it's on the plant, but as it's not open to the elements it stays pretty. Try it and see how you get on.

                                                                 Emma x




October you were colourful! From pastel to brights, and autumnal depths and awesome contrasts.
October sure was a very photogenic month.

                                                                 Have a fab wkend!
                                                                           Emma x




Hello lovelies, my little collage of last weeks favourite snaps. We're locking up our little retro caravan today and won't see him again till spring.... I can't wait to make the move to Suffolk one day, we're waiting for the kids to finish high school, although I'm sure the timing will never be right lol....
                                              Hope you're all having a lovely half term.

                                                                  Emma x