Tuesday, July 15, 2014


 Hello lovelies,

Just one week to go and the children will be on their summer hols... I'm trying desperately to install a new bathroom and keep my sanity in tact. I'm finding little bits of escapism In between all the hard work is key, and I'm finding inspiration in the garden. Here are a few snaps of the week so far...


 I'm keeping the walls and suite in the bathroom pure chalky white but I've headed outside to the flower beds for some pastel inspiration, and have made the most of the weather by taking my work outside too. Inspired by the sky and the pinks of these flowers, I've re-loved this little wall unit to reflect these pastel shades and gone for a summer chintz and bird paper for the backing from Laura Ashley.
The paint is one of my favourites from Farrow and ball in shade Dix blue. I think this will look lovely against the calm white of the walls. I can't wait to put it up!

                                                   Hope you are having a good week!

                                                                       Emma x


Sunday, July 13, 2014


Naturally... I had to go!

 Hello lovelies,

Belvoir Fruit Farms held their first ever Elderflower festival today to celebrate their 30th Birthday.
Despite the rainy start it turned out to be a fab day out! Lots to do for little kids and big ones...
With guest appearances from 'The Great British Bake Off- Frances Quinn' and my favourite stylist 
and author 'Selina Lake' whom I had the pleasure of meeting, and finally got my hands on her latest book 'Outdoor Living' which she very sweetly signed for me.
Below are a few snaps of the day...


  Gorgeous blooms were everywhere... Hanging roses bobbing about in Belvoir fruit bottles.
 Beautiful hay bales draped with lace and hessian made comfy seats. Scrummy cakes ready for eating,
and the gentle sound of Cricket in the background made for a quintessential English summers day.


 Thank you all at Belvoir farm for sharing your fabulous birthday, and thank you Selina for my lovely
new book which I can't wait to get started on!

                                    Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

                                                            Emma x

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 Hello flower...

Ok so I no it's not that hot here in sunny Bedfordshire but some of us can't take the heat at all...
I found my gorgeous new David Austin Rose named Boscobel in such a sorry state dipping it's big 
Romantic blooms to get out of the sun. I decided to do what I could with this pretty mess so here are a few mid week floral pics to pick you up. X


Monday, June 23, 2014



   Ok, so I'm probably one of the last to use Annie Sloan paints... I know! But, the reason for this is,
 Despite everybody raving about it, I just thought it sounded like any good emulsion...
Was I right?...

 Well.... I thought I'd try out the gorgeous colour of Antoinette on this little unit in my kitchen that has
travelled with me and been many a different Farrow and ball colour.


 Well I know my verdict may cause controversy... And I apologise now to those who need it, but...
It's just like any good emulsion (eek, there I said it). Yes, it went on lovely, And yes I didn't need to prep,
 But I have been painting furniture for years and used everything going on all kinds of materials and un-prepped surfaces ( as I'm sooo impatient) and I can honestly say that Laura Ashley, Farrow and Ball, Craig and Rose etc.... Work just as good. I may have to try it on more surfaces so I can get a real feel though.


 So, would I recommend it, or even buy it again? Simple, yes. My reasons- it is good value! 
I really love the fact that these little pots are great for a small project like this set of shelves.
I also loved the basic yet beautiful colour range, making it quick and easy to decide without having 
to stand in the paint section of homebase for an hour. Plus I loved the service I got from the people
In the beautiful interiors store in Hitchen, who were very passionate about paint! Plus I like to support
talented people in their growing businesses. So take from this little rambling post what you will.
I'm going to go in my kitchen and admire my little painted dresser unit in my new Annie Sloan paint.

                                                Emma. X

Saturday, June 14, 2014



  Hello lovelies.
 Just recently I've had a lot of people asking me how I get my photos so bright.
 Whilst I'm no professional, I do have a love of photography (it helps my dad is a pro!) 
 I find that sticking to just three basic rules is key. So I'll let you in on these....


 Rule 1: LIGHT.... it's all about the light! It doesn't matter if your using your phone, point and shoot
 or a DSLR. If you have natural day light then your half way there! You dont want bright sun shine, but
 a filtered bright cloudy day is best. Find the lightest place possible for taking your pics like a conservatory or summer house. If you have a big camera then you can adjust the shutter speed but
Let's keep it simple for now.


 BACKGROUND: through trial and error I have found that a bright background really helps.
 A chalky white is best as it absorbs the light without pinging it back. Colours will really stand out
 Against a clear beautiful back drop.


 SUBJECT MATTER: after a while you tend to find your mojo, what things do you love? 
 I find it easier taking pics of pretty things I love as I'm more passionate about them.
 For instance- flowers, pretty china and fabric are my faves.

 My favourite photo app is still Instagram, I use it daily and love the new features.
 I tend to use the brighten, contrast etc controls, and very rarely use filters now.
 Anyway I hope this helps! Simple is key!

                          Have a good week end everyone!
                                                                Emma x

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


     Hello all,

    Just a few mid week snaps to get you through...

                         Waterlogged roses from the garden.


                                            Huge raspberry ripple Pom Pom peony.


                                 Romantic roses in vintage glass.


                                           Bit more Peony love....

                              Soon be the wkend.

                                                                Love Emma x

Monday, May 26, 2014


      Hello lovelies,

 I'm down at our little caravan in Suffolk this wkend continuing the make over that we started last year,
when we up-sized to our old Hobby van, named Hans. We've painted all the units in a mix of whatever
Farrow and ball paints we could find, and I've started painting the walls in Dimmity, a lovely warm white by the fab F and B. This wkend I've been busy creating a little corner of patchwork paper loveliness.
Here's a few pics of the job so far.....


              I spent a good afternoon cutting and sticking a wallper collage. I'm thrilled
             with the results.

                                 Pretty sweet peas from today's trip to Southwold.


                 Pretty chintz drapes, and my new caravan mugs that my hubby bought last Xmas.


         I'm usually not a lover of signs unless they are really old, but I fell for this cute one.
            I feel it rings very true and was so pretty, and not too expensive either.

             Hope your all having a fab Bank hol. Time for fish n chips up Southwold docks.

                                                                 Emma x.