If you don't have a garden or much of one, then container gardening may be the way forward for those of us who have the urge to be budding gardeners.

There are some fab planters out there and this year I've swapped my terracotta window boxes for something a bit lighter and gone for the 'Kubu Box Planter'.

To read my full post and learn how to plant a meal, hop over to the Laura Ashley Blog. 

Emma x

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If you follow any of my social media feeds you will see that Mr C and I are considering another move, not to mention a huge project!

Our home, a victorian semi in rural Bedfordshire is all but finished. It took four years to do, with one new kitchen, three new loos, discovering three fire places and leaving the fourth one alone!
We did everything from stripping layer upon layer of paint and paper, to treating all the floors for woodworm. So why move? I hear you ask...  I've got the renovation bug!

We're looking now at 'Dream Home 2' lol.  Call me crazy but I want to do a grade 2 listed cottage, and not just any grade 2 cottage, but one thats in real need of repair.

Let me introduce potential dream home number 2-

Well, part of it. We stumbled upon it whilst having a drive out in the countryside about a month ago. Four viewings later and we are learning a lot about our potential new pad, we haven't made an offer yet, and we haven't run away yet either, but I'm just starting to find out how much red tape is involved with a grade 2 build.

Now I thought that because I didn't want to extend the property in any way, and I'd be wanting to replace only what is needed with like for like, that everything would be hunky dory! Oh how naive was I... 
I knew that windows had to be the same, and that I couldn't alter the look of the cottage (which is fine as we love it as is). 
The cottage is of a timber frame, which in most places has rotted away near enough completely, oh and did I mention the subsidence? It's ok, as its old lol.
But I thought we'd just get the right people in to fix it, once again silly me, but I am loving learning about it.

Even though these timbers would be replaced by a specialist, we still require planning, even though we are righting it and not doing anything nasty. Its fine if that what it takes, and its made me more determined to be no fool and learn everything that I most possibly can about grade 2, and our potential new home.

One of my first ports of call was to register with  Listed Property Owners Club The club is for people owning or considering buying a graded property and comes with invaluable information on planning, specialists, and courses on maintaining your property.

Another incredibly interesting read is 'Save Britain's Heritage' where you can join up and make donations. Also interesting is the record they keep on uninhabited houses of grading, some of which are for sale, plus if you know of any properties in a severe condition then you can report it to them.

I'm also learning that grade 2 can include fireplaces so I may have to re-think the position of that Rayburn, and also pipes... I was wanting to move the kitchen to a different room, hmmm not as straight forward as I would've liked, but never mind, we're not put off yet!

If you love it then its worth jumping through hoops right?

Anyway we are still a long way off but seem to be going in the right direction. We've had a survey done which has thrown up the need for a structural engineer and a timber specialist. Plus we need to get in touch with the local planning department.

I will keep my blog up to date with our progress on buying a grade 2,
but for now time to get the estate agents round ours...

Emma x



Ever since I clapped eyes on the Laura Ashley decorative paint rollers I've been desperate to use one!

To read my full post hop over to the Laura Ashley blog here.

Other ideas to try.....

Roller onto recycled brown cards to make your own pretty cards in an instant.

Mix some white wash and roller onto windows for a subtle decorative screen.

Try printing onto linen to make your own printed fabric.

Emma x



Hello lovelies.

I've been on cloud nine since the week end with the launch of my new online store

It's amazing to think that only two years ago this was a dream in the pipeline, and now it is real!
I'm now busy sewing like mad and working on new designs.

I have a range of smart shopper totes coming soon.
Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list on my shop to be the first to see new stock being added, and when I have special offers on.

The new store will stock my selection of watercolour designed fabrics, along with plain linens and decorative trims. My watercolours will also be for sale on there, plus you will still find a hoard of vintage treasure that I pick up on my travels.

Thank you so much for everyone's ongoing support!

Emma x



Hello everyone,

Well, it has been quite manic! we've had the builders and plasterers in, and we seem to be living in a constant cloud of dust, so i've been finding myself retiring more to my studio for some calm.
I decided to do some spring styling in here to cheer me up.

 I love taking part in the regular 'Styling The Seasons' hosted by the lovely duo-
 Charlotte of Lotts & Lots and Katy of Apartment Apothecary 
And spring is my favourite season!
So  styling with big blooms is in!

I just adore ranunculus blooms. They are the flower that just keeps giving, with such pretty ruffles and colours from the purest white to the deepest purple, whats not to love!?

Spring in our house always happens in a teacup, and this big petal cup and saucer is perfect, and sits nicely with my handmade silk flowers.

I hope you are all enjoying spring! I'll be glad to get my house back soon too.

And I hope to return to regular blogging at the end of this month when my online store is re-launched.

Emma x



 Hello everyone,

 I'm a little in love with my new decorative roller from Laura Ashley. I've been using it around the house for interior projects, but it's great for printing onto cards and fabric too.


       Such a simple and clever way to add finishing touches to floor boards, doors and cupboards.


  I used Laura Ashley Cotton White emulsion to print onto some recycled brown paper cards, I love the simple yet beautiful effect of these handmade cards.


                                         The bird roller looks perfect for my Easter cards! 

                                                         Have a Happy Easter everyone!

                                                                            Emma x



Hello everyone,

Welcome to March Styling The Seasons, hosted by the lovely duo Charlotte of Lotts and Lots and Katy of Apartment Apothecary 

March has been the most manic month ever, but it is so my favourite month!

I thought as my bedroom is nearly finished that I would style my bedside table. 

I love this little embroidered cloth that used to belong to my gran, it is so delicate and always reminds me of spring.

Ive moved some inspirational spring reads to the side of the bed for that Sunday morning tea in bed treat.

I love this old mirror! Leaning it up against the wall by the window is a good way of pinging more light into the room.

I am so in love with the colour of the room! Its arsenic by Farrow and ball 
I've just finished off the space with some sweet smelling spring bulbs called Bridal crown.
Now I just need to finish the bedroom!

Emma x