Edible flower naked cakes.

Edible flower naked cakes.


Hello everyone,

I was trying to decide how best to decorate this naked cake that I made at the wk-end.
It looked rather simple just sitting there with nothing on, (I know it's naked and kind of the point, but I do love pretty things!).
So, I was doing a spot of gardening and noticed how pretty my little violas and pansies were, plus they are edible! Naturally a plan hatched, and they ended up on the cake.

I think it looks lovely!
I've often used edible flowers in my bakes, but I'm actually thinking of using them as my signature on my naked cakes.

I've since found a lovely supplier who farms organic flowers for eating.
I'm going to crystallise some too!
I will be making my naked cakes now for special occasions and weddings.
Please tell all your friends, and hop over to my website at Whimsical Sugar Cakes 

Emma x


Seasonal gatherings.


I found some beautiful things on this mornings walk. I love Septembers offerings and the colours that it brings.
I was out buying wool the other day ready for winter nights, and realised I was drawn to the colours of my September palette, so I thought it would look lovely to show them all together.






I just love the purples and greens!

   Emma x


Whimsical Wednesday.

Welcome to this weeks whimsical Wednesday!
I almost missed it. I can't believe how fast time is going now they are back to school.
Think I'm just about getting on top of the housework after the 7 week children explosion of glitter, plasticine, glue and tiny bits of paper....
Does anyone else have a home like this? lol

Hope everyone is having a good week! let's hope we get some more sun for the weekend!

Emma x


Sunday snaps and a seasonal Instagram



If you hadn't noticed already, I am loving September! The air smells great, I've been going for lots of lovely walks and collecting beautiful seasonal things that I can either eat or make something with!

I'm so excited by it that I've started a separate seasonal Instagram account called @bloomsandbrambles, I've done this as 1- I didn't want my seasonal obsession to go mad over on what is my home style and family page, and 2- because I thought it would be a really cool place to document and share my seasonal photography with like minded people!

Also to encourage and inspire people to get out into the countryside and look around, I've started a new #tag called gathering the seasons. There's no specific day, anyone can join in. Just get out there, collect anything that intrigues you and create a little collage to snap, then load it to IG using the #tag and tagging blooms and brambles. Let's share our countryside!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

  Emma x


Seasonal Gatherings.

I  just love foraging about on my walks, and thought my latest little hoard was simply the prettiest picture of September offerings.

Emma x


Blackberry dye tutorial.

Organic Dye.


There has been a glut of blackberries over the fields, and there is still more coming.
I've been freezing them ready to make indulgent comfort crumbles this winter.
I find I'm becoming even more increasingly aware of the seasons, and doing as much as I can to lower my carbon footprint, and make the most out of what nature gives us.
I don't know if this is an age thing, or the fact that with more time on my hands now (since my kids are at school) I've just slowed down to breathe.
Anyway, I just love my textiles, and I'd been reading up on natural dye's, so I thought I'd have a go at dying some linen scraps I had left over with some of my glut of blackberries.

Now I did a lot of winging it! lol and it turned out alright!
I'm not saying it's the right way nor the easiest, but here is how I made my dye, and dyed my linen.

In a pan I put two good handfuls of berries and covered over with water till they where just submerged, then I added 2 cups of table salt.
I brought this up to the boil, then turned the heat right down and left for an hour.
Every so often I mushed the mix with a potato masher.
A layer of salt crystals formed on the top but it gets strained so I didn't worry too much.
Turn off the heat and leave to cool, then strain into a jug.

Now I used raw natural 100% linen, the only thing I did to it was put it under the tap for a minute so it was completely damp. 
I put it in half way as I just wanted to see what it did, and left it for an hour.

I thought i'd sling some little tied ones in while I waited.
Meanwhile i boiled up a salt water solution and let it cool, then after an hour, I took my fabric out of the dye and dunked it into my salt solution.
I've never read about doing this but I thought it couldn't hurt.
Apparently salt is the fixative to blackberry dye, so I figured if I had lots it would work! lol
It did!


I'm so chuffed, I'm going to have a go at making something now, maybe I'll make a linen cushion and give it a nice ombre blackberry dye.
What do you think?

If you are a curious creative or a craft lover, then please join our forum 'Creative Nest' at the top of the blog.

Emma x


New forum for creatives.

Hello everyone,

I have some exciting news!

The Vintage Good Life now has its very own forum called Creative Nest.
Anyone can join and it's completely free!

I so love to share my creative side, and love to chat with other like minded souls.
So, I thought it would be a nice idea to create a little nest where we can share in all things creative.

I know I sometimes need to bounce ideas around, and sometimes I drive myself crazy with too much info or not enough, I call it the curse of the creative.

All members can start topics on anything creative, but why not start with introducing yourself!

I'd love your opinion and to see you get involved!

Please find the Creative Nest tab at the top of the blog.

Emma x

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