Hello lovelies,

I posted this pic of our living room door earlier on Instagram. I'm going to give it a lick of paint. I can't stand orange pine, and those handles are going to have to go! I put pink to the vote and guess what?... You all agreed (smiley face). Great minds think alike. I've just managed to persuade Mr C that this is an awesome idea. (I'm very clever at that! What's even more clever is when he thinks it was his idea LOL). So after a bit of work Saturday morning I think I may just get the paint brush out and nip to Laura Ashley for a nice handle. 
I do love to paint stuff, and enjoy constantly changing our rooms around. There is so much you can do with a pot of paint, and although it has gone up a bit, it is still a relatively cheap option to update your home. Anyhoo, ramble over... Soon be the wkend!

                                                                      Emma x

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