I love to forage, and this time of year I get so excited to see the elderflowers come into bloom!
Making elderflower cordial is one of my favourite things to do!
It promises long summer evenings yet to come, and a garden filled with the sweetest smelling blooms.

Here are a couple of my most easiest and favourite things to make with my elderflower cordial recipe.


 These ices are amazing in your G & T!

I like to use: Violas, mint leaves, lemon thyme and lemon peel.
Simply place a little bundle of herbs in each box and top with cordial.
Place in freezer, after an hour just check that all the flowers have submerged, if not just poke them down.

These little blocks don't set the same as ice cubes because of the sugar content in the cordial, but they are more like mini lollies.
Pop a couple into your G & T, as they melt all the flowers will float to the top and look so pretty!


These lollies are proper lush!

I like to use: violas for prettiness, lots of mint leaves, lemon verbena leaves and lemon thyme.
Half fill some lolly moulds (these are from +The Range UK ) with your herbs, then fill with elderflower cordial mixed with water
Pop in the freezer for an hour without the lids on, then take out and mush the flower/herb mix to the bottom, then add the rest of the flowers/herbs, pop the lids on and place back in the freezer till set.


Hope you enjoy these!

Emma x

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